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BIKINGMAN - INCADIVIDE - Start 07 July 2017

Inca Blog

Latest information on IncaDivide challenge, preparations, advice to be ready to take on this race

Focus on checkpoint 4 (CP4), Huaraz to Huancayo Goodbye eyes and legs…This section of the Race is unforgettable as you will …

Focus on checkpoint 3 (CP3), Cajamarca to Huaraz The HALF Race starts in Cajamarca for the “sprinters” who plan to sign …

Focus checkpoint 2 (CP2), Vilcabamba to Cajamarca For the adventurers who have decided to sign up for the FULL format of …

4 training advice for IncaDivide IncaDivide is not an easy ultra cycling challenge. This is the highest and most vertical ultra …

What are the best bags solutions ? A self supported ultra cycling race requires a balance between carrying minimum stuff and …

How much it cost to ride the IncaDivide ? Dying to join this epic race but still thinking about the overall …

CP1 Focus – Quito to Vilcabamba For the wilders signing up for the FULL race (Quito to Cusco), here is an …

What will the weather be like during the race? Heavy rain, freezing cold, terrible wind or unbearable heat? None of this, …

What kind of bike is suitable for this challenge? You gotta take some precautions to choose the proper bike for cycling …

How to cycle away from a mad dog? This is serious, take these advice as a result of dozens successful dog …

RACE RULES Full or Half Format

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GPS TRACKING Support & tracking

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Gentleman Cycling Fairplay challenge

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F.A.Q. all your questions

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Environment Green explorers

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Ultra cycling challenge by
INCADIVIDe By BIKINGMAN | Explore - ENdure - Empower
Ultra cycling challenge by
INCADIVIDe By BIKINGMAN | Explore - ENdure - Empower
Inca Blog - Incadivide

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